My name is Aziz and this is where I ask how, what, where and why. I have questions, and somewhere out there, people have answers. Whether its science, technology, society, politics, or religion, nothing is off limits. Each episode will have me sitting down with someone and discussing a specific topic from any given category. So join me in my adventure to feed my curiosity, and hopefully yours.


Portrait of Aziz in front of the American flag.

Aziz is a Senior at Northern Illinois University and is majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Media Studies. Aziz loves asking questions and has been asking questions since he could talk as a young child. He has a vested interest in many subjects, and is always curious, but if there was one thing that Aziz liked more than asking question, that would be technology! Don’t be surprised if you find a majority of the podcast episodes discussing technology.

Aziz has been researching and following the development of artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicle technology for ten years, so there will be a focus on those technological developments during the span of this podcast. And with all that said, Aziz tries to keep his tech rants as simple and jargon-free as possible to ensure that even the “tech illiterate” are spared the confusion and frustration.


While you can enjoy the podcast on your favorite podcast platform like Apple or Stitcher, this website allows you to not only listen to the podcast, bu it also gives you access to a more in-depth episode description, sources, and any materials related to or referenced in the respective episodes. You’ll also be able to see the schedule for future-planned episodes and the topic that will be discussed.

You’ll also be able to participate in discussions right here on the site with fellow listeners! This is only the beginning of what we plan to do with this website which will become an integral extension of the podcast, so stay tuned!